Digital Narrative Games

First of all the games I played where:

  1. Spent
  2. BBC Syrian Refugees
  3. Sleep Deprived Mom game
  4. Street Sweeper
  5. Being Under The Influence
  6. Responsible Partying

Both the Spent game and the BBC game were very eye opening because they put me in situations i though i would never be in. They were also very realistic and I really enjoyed playing them especially spent because I now think about the hard decisions that poor people have to make on a daily basis. My recommendation for both Spent and the BBC game is to give the players more options because sometimes its like they are sticking you into a corner and poking you with a stick. The BBC game should also improve its graphics because it is very unflattering. While I played the sleep deprived mom game I wanted to see if raising a child is as hard as it looks and it certainly is. Many of my decisions were incorrect even though I thought I had everything under control especially the question about if my child has a fever and she is sleeping it was a tricky question. I really enjoyed the game but my issue with it is that there should be more variety because I think that the options to choose from did not cover everything that I could do in these certain situations. My recommendation for this game is to expand some of the options and maybe add a few questions. I enjoyed the street sweeper game but I think it is black or white and there is no grey area in the options. The game is sort of like the spent game but it is tailored to Egypt. All of the previously mentioned games involve making hard decisions and my recommendation for the street sweeper game is to also drastically improve graphics and also increase the number of questions used. Finally, the Being Under the Influence Game and the Responsible drinking game are similar but the responsible drinking game is designed better. On the other hand the Under the Influence game puts drugs into perspective and this is an issue that teens deal with in day to day life. They are both semi realistic but it was fun being a Freshman in high school again. I really enjoyed this assignment because it put a twist on things that we could encounter some day and it taught empathy towards people struggling with these issues.

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